Background Checks and Domestic Violence

Lets say you meet someone your interested in. Then you run a background check on them and find out they have a criminal history of violence, would you still date them? Sure there’s a difference between a bar room brawl and someone having a serious history of violence or domestic violence.

National statistics for 2008 show that between 600,000 and 6 million women, and between 100,000 and 6 million men are victims of domestic violence each year. Yes even men can become victims of a violent spouse. I believe people have problems and will always have problems. But once those issues become violent towards someone they supposedly care about, then that information should become available to the public so that we may better protect ourselves and our families.

Running a city, county, state and national search on a person would be smart as they may well have committed a crime in another area. Make sure to read all reports from start to end. It is possible to be falsely accused even in this day and age. If you receive a full background check it should also include the outcome and sentence of the crime. It will also state if it was dismissed.

Online background check services have made it possible for everyday people to become their own investigators. Knowing a persons past can help you make a better decision when it comes to a relationship. This does not mean that a background check can make you completely safe. Truth is, you never really know what a person is capable of.